A New Beginning for the LSR!

November 29, 2022
A New Beginning for the LSR!

Dear friends, colleagues, stakeholders and other interested parties within the Faculty of Science,


We are very pleased to report that the Laboratory for Space Research (LSR) will have a new home, from December 1st , directly within the Faculty of Science.

This HKU SMT initiated move is testament to the success and hard work of the LSR over the last several years as HKU seeks to protect, enhance and grow the LSR going forward. We believe this restructuring is a strong vote of confidence to better support the LSR. So well done everyone for helping make this possible and to HKU for living its “Sapientia et Virtus” motto!

As the interdisciplinary nature of the LSR and its activities has been increasingly demonstrated across a broad range of Space and Planetary Science endeavours, it has become clear such activities fit much better and can be more straightforwardly supported and more smoothly managed as part of the FoS.

I personally (Quentin) will also transfer to the FoS as LSR director at this time along with about other support and research staff under various LSR BRC and RMGS grants. Most LSR members obviously remain with their host departments.

As we begin this new and exciting chapter we look forward to continue to serve the LSR, the FoS and HKU in the years to come. This is as we build a stronger, more cohesive and impactful presence, ever respectful and supportive of the host departments of all members of the LSR family.


With our warmest regards,

Quentin and Joe


Prof. Quentin Parker, FRAS, FASA              Dr. Joe Michalski, FGSA

Director, LSR                                                     Deputy Director, LSR

Faculty of Science                                            Department of Earth Sciences

The University of Hong Kong                       The University of Hong Kong