Advisory Board Membership

  • Chairperson: Professor Matthew R Evans – Dean of Science (or Professor Aleksandra DJURIŠIĆ – Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies)


  • Professor Quentin Parker – the Director of the LSR, (or Dr. Meng Su / Dr. Joseph Michalski – Deputy Directors of the LSR)


  • Professor Hoi-Kwong Lo – Research Division Director of Physics & Astronomy


  • Dr. Kono Lemke – Research Division Director of Earth & Planetary Science


  • Three teachers of the Faculty of Science who work wholly or partly at the LSR, (appointees pending)


  • Reputable and relevant international scientists who are not members of the University staff, as nominated by the Dean of Science, and appointed by the Board of the Faculty of Science, (appointments pending)


  • At least one other members co-opted by the Advisory Board from outside academia (appointment(s) pending.)