Teaching and Learning

The LSR is involved in new general courses offered in various areas of space science and more specialized courses in the Department of Physics and Department of Earth Sciences. This includes a common core course called “Leaving Earth” coordinated by Dr. Joe Michalski. The Physics Department at HKU is also launching a new MSc in Space Science based on a concept designed and developed originally by the LSR but not launched as intended in 2020 due to the Covid Pandemic. This Taught Postgraduate degree is now due to commence in September 2021. For additional information click here: https://www.scifac.hku.hk/prospective/tpg/SpaceScience .

The HKU Academy for the talented (https://talented.hku.hk/), the Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (OASA: https://www.oasahk.org/) and the LSR also signed a 3-way MoU on May 27th 2021 at the LSR to establish a foundational STEM interdisciplinary program that will launch in September 2021. This novel KE initiative will build a sustainable, STEM-based, hands-on, interdisciplinary, education and outreach program for talented Hong Kong secondary student from 100 HKU feeder schools. It is based around a “CubeSat” mission design & build competition with a strong entrepreneurial edge. It leverages off expertise and connect within the LSR, OASA and the exclusive schools network of the HKU Academy for the talented. It will provide a long-term legacy impact of knowledge exchange between an NGO, an Academy and a Space Research centre linking academics, teachers, entrepreneurs, mentors and students. The LSR, in partnership with the HKU Academy.

In the longer term, when there are sufficient personnel, we plan to offer Space Science as a major in our FoS program and tie-in experiential learning opportunities to space centres in mainland China, Europe, and the USA. Various formal links and MoUs have already been established with key partners with more strategically targeted links still to come.