Knowledge Exchange

We have an active Knowledge Exchange and outreach program and members often visit local schools to give science talks and write accessible news stories, blogs and articles.

For our latest see PR activities see:

In a recent example over a 48 hour period from May 7th-8th 2018 we have had two global science news stories that have highlighted HKU and the LSR and its mission around the world (e.g. see and Google the words “Sun will flare into massive planetary nebula when it dies”).

The LSR will also engage in public outreach events including the scope that the HKU No.1 satellite has the opportunity to offer (refer to separate submission). Public interest in space and the Chinese space program is growing strongly and we intend to fully exploit this. It presents an excellent magnet for pubic interest and engagement at HKU. We are also working with “DiMap”, a company that collects airborne and spaceborne remote sensing data. These are applied to solve environmental problems, search for natural resources etc. We will use their nighttime remote sensing data to characterize the light pollution in Hong Kong. We are collaborating with Dr. Jason Pun in Physics to produce the first ever (to our knowledge) characterization of light pollution using upward looking and downward looking datasets for any city. Exciting results of general interest to a broad community are anticipated that will also feed into a major impact case study for the RAE.