Most of our activities fall under the main LSR research sections. However we are dynamic and proactive in seeking new opportunities and partnerships to leverage capacity and outputs.

Our recent key activities since June 2018 are briefly summarized below:

  1. On June 28th 2018 signing of an MoU between HKU-LSR and Padova CISAS in Italy
  2. October 2018 the establishment of our sister laboratory in HKU-ZIRI in Lin’An in Zhejiang province via a $10million HKU investment: HKU-ZIR LSR. See: This is in partnership with the Zhejiang University Microsatellites research group where we expect to jointly build microsattelites and Cubesats in the future.
  3. November 23rd 2018 we signed an agreement as founding members of the GD-HK-Macau Greater Bay Area “Space Alliance” together with Sun Yat Sen University, Macau University of Science and Technology and the University of Hong Kong. This alliance is intended to foster closer ties and collaborations and build capacity in Space Science in the Greater Bay area.
  4. December 1st 2018 during the inaugural HKU-ZIRI LSR establishment workshop (see: signing of an MoU with Zhejiang University microsatellites Research group.