LSR Interns in their own words

September 03, 2021
LSR Interns in their own words

” My internship experience at LSR so far has been absolutely amazing. I’m working under the supervision of Prof. Quentin Parker on excitation of planetary nebulae. These beautiful glowing clouds are an important phase in the stellar evolution of an intermediate-mass star such as our sun. I’ve learnt to use techniques such as spectroscopy and data analysis to obtain results. It introduced me to the field of astronomy.
I’m grateful that Prof Parker and LSR accept high school students as interns – very rare for any research laboratory, so this is a valuable opportunity for high school students like myself to get a taste of the academic realm. LSR provides wonderful guidance and resources to all its members which aid our research. I’m very much enjoying the intellectual community here. My experience this summer has strengthened my aspiration to pursue a research career.

Academics aside, who wouldn’t enjoy working at Cyberport? The view is spectacular. ”

In all seriousness professor, thank you so much for the past 2 months or so. I’m so looking forward to the upcoming month.

Jenny Jiang