LSR Interns in their own words

September 03, 2021
LSR Interns in their own words

Hi, I’m Dris and I am an intern at the LSR. I started at the end of June and will be here for 6 weeks. It has been really interesting working here and I have enjoyed it so far. I am currently working on central star data for elliptical PN, a continuation of the work that two of my intern colleagues had started with circular PN. I have worked with unfamiliar software and data, so this has definitely been a learning experience. Making friends with some of the other interns has been really nice as each one of us is doing something different, and learning about their projects really shows the variety of work we are doing, even as young, high school interns. I am really grateful for this opportunity and have definitely appreciated the time I have spent working here.

Here is the title of my presentation:

Exhuming Central Stars from their Galactic Graves: The Search for CS within Elliptical PNe


Drisana Nandha