Launch of FoS-LSR distinguished visitor scheme 2023

February 15, 2023
Launch of FoS-LSR distinguished visitor scheme 2023

The LSR is pleased to announce the FoS-LSR distinguished visitor scheme

Quentin Parker, Joe Michalski and Meng Su


It gives the LSR great pleasure to announce the Covid delayed FoS-LSR distinguished visitor scheme for 2023.

Members of the LSR and, in the interests of collegiality and co-operation, HKU astrophysics colleagues who are not members, are all invited to recommend distinguished visitors to the FoS-LSR for the period from now to December 2023.

The scheme’s intention is to bring distinguished international visitors (Associate Professors or above) to HKU and the LSR for periods of up to 2 weeks. The visitor will be supported directly through an honorarium that will vary depending on the length of stay and where they have to come from. It is designed to contribute to airfares (up to premium economy) and accommodation costs (up to 4 star hotel standard room).

We encourage advantage also to be taken of any such visitors that members may already plan to host for a few days or who are passing through and giving a colloquium. This is to allow them, if they can, to spend extra time to work with LSR members and astrophysics and planetary science colleagues at HKU where there may be clear, additional benefits to HKU.

The individual visitor support limit will be a maximum of $20K. We hope to be able to support up to two distinguished visitors per round and up to a maximum 10 visitors to the end of the year given short notice, opportunistic applications, are also welcome.


The LSR will make 3 specific calls during the year:

1. This first one for the period March-May (deadline Feb 28th)

2. The 2nd for the period June-September and (deadline May 18th)

3. The final one for the period October to December (deadline Sep 21st)


Applicants should address the following in their submissions sent to by the above deadlines in the first instance:

1. Name, title, affiliation of Distinguished visitor

2. Brief biography of the proposed visitor

3. Intended period of visit

4. Brief statement of how the visit will benefit the LSR, FoS and HKU and how it fits in with the LSR’s mission statements: and research areas.


We hope these calls will generate good applications. To ensure decent opportunities are not missed LSR members are also encouraged to bring any such opportunities to our attention whenever they arise and they will be assessed accordingly. The program will be overseen by the LSR executive who will triage requests if there are too many in each round (given the budget). The scheme is administered by the LSR lab manager.

We look forward to hearing from you!