Doorways to the Space Economy – Webinar Talk by LSR Director Prof. Quentin Parker

December 15, 2020

LSR Director Prof. Quentin Parker is invited as a guest speaker to give a talk on the following webinar. You are very welcomed.

About this Event

You are invited to the inaugural webinar on the new space economy in 2020 that has now arrived in Hong Kong. If you are an entrepreneur and “astropreneur”, ever wonder what potentially can be your new roles and markets for the new Hong Kong? On the morning of the 17th of December, Thursday, direct from Cyberport… be ready to zoom in and beam up.

Brought to you by the new Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (OASA) and Cyberport, this panel of venture capitalists, investors, and teachers shall aim to change your mindsets about space. Space is no longer a mystery and unreachable. Space and the businesses that will seed the next generation of businesses have already started.

Beginning this year, the sky is no longer your limit. Be the first to be “re-inspired.” Join us and let’s co-create a new future.


Why now?
What has Hong Kong done recently?
How to ground the space economy for Hong Kong?
What does the space economy offer for start-ups?