LSR Annual Report 2021

October 05, 2021

LSR Annual Report 2021 is available now

You can download the soft copy here



Foreword by the LSR Director

It gives me great pleasure to present the second annual report for the Laboratory for Space Research. There is no denying that with the global Covid pandemic it has been a very difficult year for most of us. We have been unable to travel for field trips to gather science data, to go to conferences in person to present our research or to meet with collaborators. Zoom is all very well and has been vital for some semblance of continuity but it is far from ideal. Nevertheless, I can report that this has been another outstanding year for the LSR! This continues to be based on the enduring level of success we have shown over the last 12 months as recorded in this 2ndreport. Above all else it is the dedication and quality of our members that drives all our activities, positive initiatives and achievements. I remain very proud to be able to serve the LSR and Faculty of Science at HKU and to be surrounded by a collegiate, supportive and caring group of colleagues.

I would like to express particular thanks to our Laboratory manager Ms. Birry Zhu for her outstanding technical and administrative support, including with helping with the annual reports and Ms. Mila Ho, her excellent temporary maternity leave replacement.  I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my deputy directors Dr. Meng Su and Dr. Joe Michalski. Dr. Su left HKU at the end of March 2021 but remains an HKU honorary Associate Professor and LSR affiliate. He will continue to support us strongly from the Mainland. I hope you enjoy reading this report and can see clearly the evidence that shows the value to HKU of this vibrant, vigorous and impactful interdisciplinary centre.

With my best wishes,

Professor Quentin Parker (柏坤霆教授)

September 1st2021