LSR director Professor Quentin Parker was interviewed by HK Open TV

July 14, 2020

Professor Quentin Parker, director of Laboratory of Science, HKU, was interviewed by HK Open TV on NJU-HKU No.1 Satellite on 28 May 2020.

He shared the significance of this HK first science mission satellite and devotion in nurturing HK young generation in space science. The satellite carries a small “lobster eye” X-ray telescope, which is designed to hunt for clues of elusive “dark matter” component in our universe. The launch of satellite on 25 July will inspire HK young generation and set aims on being an astronaut.

It was broadcasted on July 11, 10:00pm, on HK Open TV, Chanel 77. For the full video, you can watch the playback by clicking this link (start from 18:14) :