(China Daily) Cooperation, not race, in space

June 02, 2023
(China Daily) Cooperation, not race, in space

Fierce rivalry in human endeavor is as long as the history of humanity itself and often spills over into something more destructive and dangerous. Fortunately, this is not the only human story. Collaboration, cooperation and constructive alliances have also played major roles in the emergence of the modern world that has also been shaped by war.

The latest examples of global cooperation include shared research, data and even technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, which shows that during a threat to humankind as a whole, large parts of the world can actually come together to take timely actions, even if only briefly, to tackle a common threat…


The article published on China Daily, written by Prof. Quentin Parker, Director of LSR, “Cooperation, not race, in space” published on 30 May.

The article can be read on https://www.chinadailyhk.com/article/333437?showpdf=true#Cooperation-not-race-in-space