(CGTN) Panel: Unlocking the cosmos: China’s Shenzhou-16 and beyond

June 05, 2023
(CGTN) Panel: Unlocking the cosmos: China’s Shenzhou-16 and beyond

Prof. Quentin Parker, Director of LSR, as one of 3 panel members, shared his views on the future objectives of China’s space program.


Astract of the interview:

Professor Quentin Parker discussed several topics related to space exploration and the Chinese space program. He talked about the selection process for taikonauts and how it has become easier for civilians to go to space. He also emphasized the importance of enthusiasm and motivation for taikonauts and the potential for civilians, including scientists and engineers, to be selected as payload specialists.

Professor Parker also shared his thoughts on the purpose of sending humans to the moon and other planets, citing the need for a plan B for the long-term survival of humanity and the innate human desire to explore and discover new frontiers.

Regarding the potential competition in space, Professor Parker expressed his preference for more cooperation and collaboration among nations rather than a space race. He believes that friendly competition can spur innovation, but collaboration is essential for solving problems that humanity faces, and no one nation has a monopoly on space exploration.

Lastly, Professor Parker discussed the trillion-dollar new space economy that will emerge by the end of the decade and the need for regulation in the low Earth orbit environment due to the increasing amount of debris.


The full podcast was published on 2 Jun on CGTN: https://radio.cgtn.com/podcast/news/1/Panel-Unlocking-the-cosmos-Chinas-Shenzhou-16-and-beyond/419548