Italian Consul visit to LSR

March 29, 2021
Italian Consul visit to LSR

On March 29th, the Italian Consul, the honourable Clemente Contestabile, together with Luca Querin, business attache, visited the LSR at Cybeport.

Clemente Contestabile learned that we have an MoU with Padova-CISAS ( and that the LSR recently hosted and co-supervised an Italian MSc student Ms. Rosaria Prochilo for over a year. He is also aware that we are now employing this young Italian Engineer to work on a Science 6U cubesat mission for an Mev Gamma ray telescope. Ms Prochilo recently completed an MSc on this proposed satellite where she graduated “cum laude”, under the co-supervision of Prof. Denis Bastieri from Padova University and Guangdong (where he is a 1000 talents scholar) and Prof. Quentin Parker from the Physics department and director of the LSR at HKU.

The Consul’s visit, at his behest, was to learn more about the above collaborations and to see where the Italian Consulate and government can help further develop these links. First up there are plans to bring more excellent Padova-CISAS MSc students to HKU-LSR in the future with co-funding possible. This gives LSR members from DES, Physics and the faculty of Engineering opportunities to offer suitable MSc projects.

This collaboration will also become a formal part of the National Italian Science Day to be held in April.

There will be a special live webinar to celebrate the HKU-LSR/Padova-CISAS partnership and further details will be provided later.

About Clemente Contestabile: