Nanjing Space and Astrophysics Group

The School of Astronomy and Space Science of Nanjing University, established in March 2011 builds on its predecessor, the Department of Astronomy, founded in 1952, one with the longest history and best reputation of all astronomy departments in China. The School currently has 44 faculty members, including 20 professors, and has two undergraduate programs under its two departments, the Department of Astronomy and the Department of Space Science & Technology. It includes several laboratories, such as Key Laboratory of Modern Astronomy and Astrophysics, named by the Ministry of Education, Central Laboratory for Teaching, Solar Tower Laboratory, Center for Nonlinear Sciences, and Planetary Science and Deep Space Exploration Laboratory. Furthermore, the school owns the national first-level key discipline of astronomy, including two national second-level key disciplines: Astrophysics and Astrometry & Celestial Mechanics. The school’s current research activities cover high-energy astrophysics, solar physics, galaxies and cosmology, extra-solar planets, aerospace dynamics, astrometry and space science.