DFH Satellite Company LTD

Established in August 2001, DFH Satellite Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “DFHSat”) is mainly engaged in system R&D, design, integration and in-orbit service of small satellites. It is subordinated to China Academy of Space Technology(CAST) and wholly owned by the listed company China Spacesat Co.,Ltd. In October 2001, the State Council approved the National Development and reform Committee’s proposition of building the National Engineering Research Center of Small Satellites and Applications, one of the world’s largest research centers of the kind, with DFHSat as its legal entity.

We follow a strategy that aims for our development in a market-oriented, industrialized, internationalized and modernized manner using new technologies in line with modern business practices and principles. Our scientific research and production system has adopted the”dumbbell” shape to best deliver results. Through continuous exploration and innovation, we made a leap in growth by embarking on the road of industrialization that has enabled us to achieve high quality, short-term production period and low cost.

About one third of the currently in-orbit Chinese satellites were produced by DFHSat. Based on our independently developed platforms CAST968, CAST2000, CAST100 and CAST100+ applicable to satellites from 10kg to 1000kg in mass, we have launched 59 satellites at the end of 2015, among which 37 satellites launched during the past 5 years and 52 satellites still in orbit., used in the fields of ocean observation environment and disaster monitoring, remote sensing for earth observation, stereo surveying and mapping, scientific and technological experiment and so on. Those projects marked our breakthroughs in the key technologies of formation flight agility, integrated electronics, automated testing, digital general assembly, etc.

Over the years, DFHSat has developed into a modern high-tech enterprise, with more than 500 employees and an annual production capacity of 10 to 12 small satellites, playing a significant role in China’s spaceflight industry. As a stock shared company, DFHsat is fully open to global market.