Ritter A. and Huang C., Transformations From Standard Photometric Systems To The Gaia Passbands, ICAPM 2020. IOP Publishing, 1593, 012039 1-9.


Publication No. : 312554; Weighting : 0.5000



Aims. Provide a transformation from the standard photometric filters to Gaia G, GBP and GRP passbands. Methods. The relations between the standard photometric filters in the Johnson-Cousins UBV RC ICphotometric system, the SDSS ugriz system, and the Gaia passbands were fitted with up to third order polynomials for dwarfs and giants individually. Results. At least for the Gaia GBP passband the Johnson-Cousins filter are better suited for a reliable prediction. No improvement is seen for higher than third order polynomial fits for any of the performed transformations. Conclusions. The provided dependencies amongst colours can be used to transform the apparent magnitudes in the B, V, RC , and SDSS griz passbands to Gaia G, GBP , and GBR photometry, allowing for a comparison of the Gaia survey to models of the Galaxy and to previous large surveys.