Parker, Q.A., Bojičić, I.S., Frew, D.J. HASH: the Hong Kong/AAO/Strasbourg Ha planetary nebula database, 2016, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 728, 032008

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 728, 032008 (2016)



By incorporating our major recent discoveries with re-measured and verified contents of existing catalogues we provide, for the first time, an accessible, reliable, on-line SQL database for essential, up-to date information for all known Galactic planetary nebulae (PNe). We have attempted to: i) reliably remove PN mimics/false ID’s that have biased previous studies and ii) provide accurate positions, sizes, morphologies, multi-wavelength imagery and spectroscopy. We also provide a link to CDS/Vizier for the archival history of each object and other valuable links to external data. With the HASH interface, users can sift, select, browse, collate, investigate, download and visualise the entire currently known Galactic PNe diversity. HASH provides the community with the most complete and reliable data with which to undertake new science.