Dr Meng Su
  • Deputy Director
  • Meng Su Associate Professor, Physics
  • B.Sc. (2007) Peking; PhD (2012) Harvard
  • Research Interests: Cosmology, Astrophysics, Cosmic Microwave Background
  • Meng Su Webpage


Dr Joseph Michalski
  • Deputy Director
  • Joseph Michalski Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
  • B.S. (1999) Bowling Green State University; Ph.D. (2005) Arizona
  • Research Interests: Mineralogy, Geochemistry of Solar System objects, Mars.
  • Joseph Michalski Webpage


Professor Patrick Wu
  • Patrick Wu Professor and Head of Earth Sciences
  • B.Sc. (1975), M.Sc. (1978), Ph.D. (1982) Toronto
  • Research Interests: deformation of the Earth & planets due to surface loading, rotation of Earth & planets, rheology of rocks, satellite gravimetry for the detection of mass changes in the Earth & climate change
  • Patrick Wu Webpage


Dr Man-Hoi Lee
  • Man-Hoi Lee Associate Professor, Earth Sciences & Physics
  • B.Sc. (1987) Toronto; Ph.D. (1992) Princeton
  • Research Interests: formation and evolution of planetary bodies in our Solar System and in planetary systems around other stars
  • Man-Hoi Lee Webpage


Dr Sheng Hua Li
  • Sheng Hua Li Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
  • B.Sc. (1983) Lanzhou; Ph.D. (1992) Wales
  • Research Interests: Luminescence Dating, Quaternary Geochronology & Archaeometry
  • Sheng Hua Li Webpage


Dr Yiliang Li
  • Yiliang Li Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
  • Ph.D. (1999) USTC
  • Research Interests: Astrobiology
  • Yiliang Li Webpage


Dr Jeremy Lim
  • Jeremy Lim Associate Professor, Physics
  • B.Sc. (1984), Ph.D. (1992) Macquarie
  • Research Interests: star formation, active galactic nuclei, submillimeter-wave astronomy
  • Jeremy Lim Webpage


Dr Ryan McKenzie
  • Ryan McKenzie Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences
  • B.S. (2006) UCLA; M.S. (2009) PhD (2012) UC Riverside
  • Research Interests: Earth Systems Evolution, Sedimentary Geology & Geochemistry, Macroevolutionary Events
  • Ryan McKenzie Webpage


Dr Stephen Ng


Dr Andrew Webb
  • Alex Webb Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
  • B.A. (2001) Amherst; Ph.D. (2007) UCLA
  • Research Interests: Tectonic processes, Hot terrestrial planets, volcanic resurfacing
  • Andrew Webb Webpage


Dr Bizheng Zhang
  • Bizheng Zhang Assistant Professor
  • Research Interests:


Dr David Frew
  • David Frew Research Assistant Professor
  • PhD (2008) Macquarie
  • Research Interests:


Dr Pablo Saz Parkinson
  • Pablo Saz Parkinson Research Assistant Professor
  • BS (1994) Columbia; MS ME (1997), MS Physics (1999), PhD Physics (2003) Stanford
  • Research Interests: pulsars, high-energy astrophysics (X-ray to very-high-energy gamma-ray), and data mining techniques for astrophysics
  • Pablo Saz Parkinson Webpage


Dr Michael Pittman
  • Michael Pittman Research Assistant Professor
  • BSc (2006), MSc (2007), PhD (2012) UC London
  • Research Interests: Evolutionary biomechanics, Dinosaurs, Massive extinction
  • Michael Pittman Webpage


Dr Yong Zhang
  • Yong Zhang Research Assistant Professor
  • B.Sc. (2000) Beijing Normal; M.Phil. (2003) Chinese Academy of Sciences; Ph.D. (2006) Peking
  • Research Interests: stellar envelopes, unidentified infrared bands, planetary nebulae


Dr Xuan Fang
  • Xuan Fang
  • B.S. (2004) Wuhan; Ph.D. (2011) Peking
  • Research Interests: Interstellar medium, Planetary nebulae, Stellar evolution, Galaxy evolution


Dr Foteini Lykou
  • Foteini (Claire) Lykou
  • B.Sc. (2005) Crete; M.Sc. (2008), Ph.D. (2013) Manchester
  • Research Interests: Evolved stars, High-angular resolution imaging, Interstellar dust


Dr Xiaojia Zhang
  • Xiaojia Zhang
  • Research Interests: Planetary formation and migration, 2-D and 3-D hydrodynamic simulations, gas giants in extra-solar planetary systems, exoplanets


Kris Chui
  • Kris Stern
  • B.Sc. (2012) CUHK; M.Phil. (2016) HKUST; Ph.D. Candidate (2016-current) HKU
  • Research Interests: Late-stage stellar evolution (with an emphasis on PNe), photoionization models, integral field units (IFU's)


Vasiliki Fragkou
  • Vasiliki Fragkou
  • Research Interests: Late-stage stellar evolution (with an emphasis on PNe), photoionization models, integral field units (IFU's)


Kamila Chan
  • Kamila Chan
  • Research Interests: Late-stage stellar evolution (with an emphasis on PNe), photoionization models, integral field units (IFU's)


Charles T.A. Cosgrove
  • Charles T.A. Cosgrove
  • MSc (Hons) (2010), MA Research (2014)
  • Research Interests: History of Astronomy, Human Organization Systems
  • e-mail: coscsifu@hku.hk



  • Professor Nick Kaiser (Mar 2016)
  • Professor Ray Jayawardhana (Feb 2016)
  • Professor Thomas Broadhurst (Jan-Mar 2016)
  • Dr Hiroshi Kimura (Feb 2016)
  • David Carreto Fidalgo (Feb-May 2016)
  • Professor Luis Ho, Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (Nov 17, 2016)
  • Professor John Lattanzio, Monash University (Dec 2016)
  • Professor Kwing Lam Chan, Macau University of Science and Technology (March 2017)
  • Dr. Michel Blanc, ISSI (March 2017)
  • Professor Xue Suijian, Deputy Director General of the National Astronomical Observatories, CAS (March 2017)
  • Professor Liu Xiaoqun, Director of CAS Head Office of Lunar Exploration Program (March 2017)
  • Dr. Queenie H.S. Chan, Open University of U.K. (June 2017)
  • Professor Ken Phillips, The Natural History Museum of London (Nov 2017)
  • Dr. Shazrene Mohammed, South African Astronomical Observatory (Nov 2017)
  • Professor Stefano Debei, The University of Padova (Nov 2017)
  • Professor Luis Ho, Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (May, 2018)


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